Living in an hour-glass!


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A mirror to my heart!


For those of you living in Mumbai, I’m sure you must have been waking up to an overcast sky for the past few days after a short respite from a month and a half or two of incessant rains.

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Sen8orial health facts!

Ooookay! I know I have been writing an awful lot about love and relationships, to the point that I’ve started to bore myself. So, I can only imagine your plight! And when I start loosing interest in one subject, I turn to the other.

Speaking of which, I thought I’d speak a little on health and fitness which one of my subjects of interest. Now I’m well aware of the fact that there are a gazillion health blogs and videos out there so what’s so special about the “sen8orial” health facts that you should consider spending a few precious moments of your life reading. Read more


Arpita Rastogi, a young IT professional stands conflicted in her decision as she finds herself torn between her heart that sways her into finding her bliss and luring with a bait of love, while her pragmatic and analytical head hounds her into doing what’s morally right and honoring family mores and values by keeping up with a word of commitment. Read more

Frozen in time!


At times you find yourself lost in deep contemplation, reminiscing the days gone by and you’re ┬ástruck by a disconcerting sense of realisation of how far you’ve come. However, in reality all that you’ve travelled is time, traversing from your past to your unsettling present. Even at that, the rude reality is that your time passed you by, like the rest of the world while you stood frozen in time and now you lie interred in the icy depths of the grave of your broken dreams that you laid to rest with your own bare hands. Read more

Love & Respect!


I am a self-proclaimed “eternal romantic” and for those of you who have read the About section of this blog would know what I’m talking about. And being intense and passionate or intensely passionate comes with the territory…you can’t be spared┬áthe sting if you’re around a Scorpio for long! And I carry all my Scorpio traits with pride…both, the good and the bad ones. Read more