What would you rather!


Would you like to see me strip
Or rather have me bare my soul

Would you rather see me trip
Break in half or have me whole

There are those who promise the moon and wane quite like before walking a mile

And then there’s me like the darkest night, that dims its light for the moon to shine

So would you rather see me strip, writhe in your grip just for a mile

Or would you rather I bare my soul for you to hold for the rest of our lives! -by Abhishek Sen

Just a thought!

I know it’s been a while or rather a looong while since I lasted posted……had my thoughts keeping me busy aside from that fact that I was a tad bit preoccupied with other commitments.

I kept procrastinating my next blog post like I do with almost everything …thinking I will do it later!

But as they say, “there’s no better time like the present”

And So, I decided to share this thought, wrapped in a poem with my sen8orial world.

Hope you like it and if you do then please share some love with my first fiction novel “Transcending Parallels” available internationally on Amazon.com in paperback ,  kindle and e-book formats.

You can go to the about section and follow the link if you so desire to order your copy.

Happy Reading! 📖


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