Strong enough to endure your love!


We are often faced with our strength in times of adversity, times that are marred by darkness and failure…times that aren’t as we imagined them to be!

We are faced with a strength that we didn’t know we had, a strength that hadn’t marked its existence, an inner strength that laid dormant deep with in, waiting to be surfaced by our resilience, perseverance and determination to challenge whatever it is that seems to be threatening our existence and standing in the way of our happiness.

We are acquainted with our strength when it rises to fight the demon that is weakening us with this debilitating pain and the most likely cause behind this pain is someone who we love with all our being!

For, its only the ones that we love and care about the most, are the ones who are most armed and capable of hurting us as they seem to be our only weakness. You’re not as pained by the deceit and treachery of a stranger as you are by the betrayal and insolence of those you know and chose to love and trust.

The impudent words and the strains of infidelity by those who we had nothing but love in our hearts and  loyalty in our demeanor for, often hurts as a dagger to the heart. However, the fact that we still choose to stand by them in their time of need is nothing but a show of our unflinching love and a testament of our loyalty and our ability to take their assault is our display of strength.

However, there’s a limit for your love to be taken for granted and you can take ones assaults and hostile proclivities only to a point beyond which…you take those bricks hurled at you and put up a wall!

The decision to ward off any attacks made at you, even if it’s just standing up against being verbally accosted at or the choice to walk away from a destructive relationship and a toxic environment is also a show of strength, just as it was to try to make it work for the sake of love you once had and probably always will for a person who caused nothing but grief to you.

At times you need to love yourself more, especially when your love for someone else starts to threaten your existence. At times, self-preservation needs to take priority over selfless and being simply…stupid!

  -by Abhishek Sen


2 thoughts on “Strong enough to endure your love!

    1. Danke Karl-Heinz… I really appreciate you taking the time to go through the post and sharing your views on the same… and self-preservation must take priority over being selfless… you can’t really help others or add to their lives positively if you yourself aren’t in a very positive or healthy place in life… like they say “charity begins at home” and at times, with yourself! Happy Reading 😊📖📚


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