Living in an hour-glass!


At times, life feels like an hour-glass with our days numbered to the amount of sand and with each passing grain,life seems to be slipping away. We tend to take time for granted, thinking we have it in abundance. We may, but at the end of the day, what matters is what we chose to do with that time in our hand!

I’ve always been in awe of those who had it all planned out for them since they were a kid and truth be told, I also envied their focus and dedication, for I was always a scattered kid that lacked organisation and structure and perhaps still am…no longer a kid though but scattered for sure!

I have always been a dreamer with realism seemingly elusive, as I’ve had no grasp on reality, since procrastinating life, putting plans on hold and reveling in fantasy felt like a much better and easier thing to do. You may partially blame that on my laziness.

The up side or the proverbial sliver lining to being a dreamer or living in fantasies is that you get to have dreams! Dreams; as oppose to those who prefer living in reality, meticulously planning every moment of their life, calculating every pros and cons and setting down a five-year, ten-year, fifteen year plan for their life.

The down side of living like a hippie and having no plan to achieve your dreams is that your dreams materialize at their own time, if at all they do. And that’s where the envy creeps in; through the fissures created by one’s lack of determination, drive coupled with laziness and a behavioral flaw to procrastinate things.

I guess it’s a common streak between all “creative” minds and those who are artistically inclined. We prefer walking at our own pace and doing things at our own time. Not the best plan of action…if ever there was a plan!

Now I know I’ve been to hard on my self and enough self-deprecating, but what I lack in having a structured and an organized life, I more than compensate or rather over compensate with my several OCD.

I can spend all day organizing and reorganizing my wardrobe and kitchen cabinets, lining up the dumbbells and plate in ascending and descending order of their weight, colour coordinating things and the list goes on…you get the gist, right!

So it’s not really being lazy when it comes to performing chores or doing physical activities however, it’s the mental exertion of having to lay down a plan for one’s life and toiling over the little details that feels rather stifling and claustrophobic.

Resultant, you end up staring with seething impassivity at the stoic walls that seem devoid of any future or a vacant present while your mind is consumed with endless dreams and it feels like a comfortable place to be in.

It’s rather convenient and entertaining to live in wishful fantasies where you can imagine a desired future, as oppose to dealing with the adversities of the life while we reluctantly squander away our present. As a consequence, the future always seem distant, dreams seem elusive while we’re perpetually lost in our fantasies.

Another day begins,

Another week ends,

Another impending weekend,

And another grain of sand……that slipped right through my hand!

-by Abhishek Sen

Just like the grains of sand, time seems to slipping away. I wish I could have frozen time but instead, I seem to have been frozen in time…interred in the cold, icy grave of the past!

But there will be a time when I will emerge from down under, from the depths of the dark dungeons and I’ll be stronger like a thunder…the heat of my passion having melted away my grave and the fury of my wrath breaking open my velvety casket, as I’ll be standing brave!

And while I figure out a way to do so, you may read my fiction novel Transcending Parallels available internationally on amazon in paperback, e-book and kindle edition and on sites like infibeam, bookadda, flipkart, sapnabookstores across India or you can follow the link below. Hope you won’t procrastinate…Happy reading and have a fun weekend.






2 thoughts on “Living in an hour-glass!

    1. Time sure is a luxury and is slipping away as we speak but we only realize this when when we have wasted a lot of it and haven’t accomplished a whole lot and when we look back in retrospect at all the time we squandered away and dabble into a little introspection, we’re overwhelmed by the fact that we’re to be blamed for our own problems and failures, for we were the ones who didn’t make the most of our time and shied away from seizing the day! Thanks for your comment and taking the “time” to read my post and sharing your thoughts on the same…Good day Karl-Heinz!


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