A mirror to my heart!


For those of you living in Mumbai, I’m sure you must have been waking up to an overcast sky for the past few days after a short respite from a month and a half or two of incessant rains.

Gloomy sky and flooded streets are a normal scene of us Mumbaikars during this part of the year as it’s the season of monsoon and it’s been a pretty healthy season this year compared to the last which experienced scanty rainfall and water shortage round the year. And while there are some parts of the country that are hit by the worst drought in ages, we must be thankful to the rain Gods, for they’ve been kind to us this year.

Nature often acts as a muse; a source of inspiration behind most of the creative endeavours. However, there are times when nature becomes a reflection, an outward projection of one’s inner most feelings; holding a mirror to your thoughts that run amok in your frazzled, frantic head.

For most in the literary field and fine arts, rains evoke a sense of passion and akin to the desires of love and feeling of romance and used to describe a sense of yearning for ones love. However, it also has a connotation of pain, pathos and gloom for many. But it largely depends on the one’s mental state. After all, art is a physical manifestation of one’s inner artistry which seeks inspiration from ones own feelings and desires.

So, if you’re happy you may break in to a dance or one may choose to mould an amorphous pile of clay between their passionate hands, oozing with lust and desire. Some might end up singing a song as an ode to their love, while others might find company in a sullen sky for their swollen heart that sinks deeper in their empty chest that soon swells up with the memories of a tumultuous past, an acrimonious lover or unresolved issues that one can’t seem to find a closure over.

I wrote this poem about two months back as an instagram post when I woke up to a grey, gloomy sky leering at me through my window. I felt like my heart  was staring at the mirror. The dark clouds rained for the days to come without any reprieve and mercy and once they had satiated their thirst by lashing the streets with their wrath, they made way for the clear blue sky to smile upon us once again.

However, for the past few days, the sky seems to have taken on an unsettling, familiar hue that feels rather ominous with the dark, portentous clouds falling like a cloak, shrouding the helpless sky. And so it seemed befitting and timely to post this poem once again, on my blog this time.



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