Finding God!


We’re all damaged goods. We’re all flawed and perfection is a myth. You know you’ve found true love when someone loves you for who you are. Accepts you with all your flaws and that is someone worth changing for; worth devoting your life to.

“Finding love is finding someone who won’t let you fall,

But someone who accepts a fallen you is finding God……”

-by Abhishek Sen

It’s pretty self-explanatory, so I’ll take the liberty of being frugal with my words and refrain from wasting any further.

It's an old post that I decided to post again, especially for its relevance and resonance that can be heard in every heart! It's a rarity to find someone who can accept you for who you are, how you are, with all your flaws and ugly… Especially in a world that's obsessed with perfection, beauty and all that glitters… But it's rarely Gold, coz real Gold lies in the dirt; a real Diamond hides behind a Coal! Happy Friday igers and don't forget to read my first published fiction novel "Transcending Parallels" over the weekend and order it if you still haven't 😄 #happy #friday #tgif #igers #author #poetry #writing #quote #book #boy #boyfriend #love #god #instadaily #instamood #instacool #instaquote #instaread #instabook #instapoet #instalove #instalike #like #like4like #followme #fitness #fitfam #handsome #creativewriting #follow

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4 thoughts on “Finding God!

  1. Finding God is an achievable task. He resides in his beings we have to learn to connect. Our wants are so materialistic that we can see the right path.There is always someone for us we have to learn to identify the right one.

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    1. True! God does resides in each one of us and that’s why we greet each other with Namaste which literally means “I bow before the divinity in you” But some of us, swayed by our materialistic needs and superficial desires, choose to ignore the voice of our inner God and veer off in the wrong direction. It’s easy to find an admirer of beauty and perfection however, a person who can find beauty in your flaws and imperfections and still accept you knowing you are broken, “damaged goods” is someone as close as God or one who is in sync with the God that resides in their hearts… Thanks for sharing your wonderful and wise thoughts

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