Love & Respect!


I am a self-proclaimed “eternal romantic” and for those of you who have read the About section of this blog would know what I’m talking about. And being intense and passionate or intensely passionate comes with the territory…you can’t be spared the sting if you’re around a Scorpio for long! And I carry all my Scorpio traits with pride…both, the good and the bad ones.

Just as scorpions are known to be passionate lovers and loyal to those they love and the ones who’ve been good to them, they’re just as notorious for being unforgiving when scorned and left writhing in pain by one’s scathing attacks, be it on their heart or their self-respect.

Being an eternal romantic, I wouldn’t shy away from taking chances when it comes to love or fighting the world if I have to or crossing seven oceans…well, the later might be a wee bit of an exaggeration at this point, since I can barely afford to cross a pond let alone oceans and seven at that! But you get the point, right?

However, all that effort has to be worth it. The battle has to be worth fighting for! If you’ve decided to take on the world then it better be for someone who’s worth fighting for. Someone who is just as willing and passionate to fight for you and your love.

But more than love, what matters in a relationship and keeps it going smoothly is respect. What’s the point of standing tall and strong in front of the world when you’re no more than a doormat back home.

If you turn yourself into a pushover and allow someone to walk all over you just ’cause you love them and wipe their filth all over your chest as they stomp all over your emotions and love, then it won’t be long till you find yourself standing covered in filth from head to toe; bruised and battered.

Love isn’t about turning one into a pushover or a punching bag for you to vent out your frustration and anger. True love is fuelling each other’s energy, being each other’s strength and treating each other with respect.

There can be room for many differences between two people and it’s not set in stone to share the same likes and dislikes if you’re in a relationship, so long as you understand that one is entitled to have their own opinion and individuality and be respectful of one’s choices and decisions even if you don’t agree with them.

If anything, your understanding nature and supportive attitude would compel one to reconsider their decision and see things from a fresher perspective. However, being rigid and dogmatic in your approach would just make your partner hold on to their ground with more tenacity or let go of it if you force them to, but be prepared to let go of their respect for you and eventually their love, over a period of time.

It’s only a matter of time when love will have to yield to one’s crude and caustic attitude, for no one wants to feel stifled in a relationship where they can’t even breathe freely. If you really love someone then have enough respect for them to allow them to breathe freely. Allow them their breathing space!

I for one wouldn’t want to feel boxed in, in a relationship or turned into a punching bag, just as I keep stroking one’s ego while allowing one to walk all over my pride!

I’d hold you tight for as long as you promise to treat me right! And this is precisely what I meant when I had posted this “poem” on Instagram.

I give you all of me if you give me all your love and……..RESPECT!

-by Abhishek Sen




3 thoughts on “Love & Respect!

  1. Interesting. Don’t know much about Scorpio thing. I am not scorpion.But, yes respect is a must in any relationship. Recently, I found a few people targeted me just because I expressed my views as they did. As I failed to agree they frowned at me and wrote a lot of bullshit instead of telling anything straight that made me react too and things messed up. They got dirtier without any guilt. Extremely sloppy ones. Instead of falling at their level I chose to leave them behind but it left me bitter. If i think of them, there are another darker side. Why they did that ? A person is not identified by what he does but what he does and where he stops. Every time. Memories that demands their punishment. If I treat anyone with love & respect , it isn’t a bribe. Hence, I will never demand to do anything wrong for me in return. But there are things that happen and you learn to face it. I am glad I learnt from it.


    1. Respect is a prerequisite for love…Love can’t exist without respect, at least not in my world. Respect is the least one can give. It doesn’t cost anything. All one has to do is be kind and polite and if one isn’t capable of even that then one isn’t worthy of my respect and it’s really difficult to love someone you struggle to respect…Besides, no filthy soul or dirty mind is worth being stooped down to their level…I’d rather let them stay where they are and move on with my silence and dignity


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