A Black as dark as me!



    Ideally in the light spectrum, the presence of all colors will give you white as white reflects all colors, whereas black absorbs all colors like a black hole and hence black is said to be the absence of all colors. But we don’t live in an ideal world!

   In actuality, if you mix all colors of the paint together it will give you black or something closer to it like a darkest hue of purple or brown, depending on the proportion in which different pigments are mixed together.

   Black is akin to “Darkness” or tragedy, pathos, morose or sullen mood, depression or the dark and evil forces like in fairy tales and urban legends, mourning, death, witches and “black” magic. Ironically, black became the most preferred color by Royalty, Judges, Clergy, Government officials in most of Europe and adored by statesmen and businessmen.

   Now, the pages of history isn’t oblivious to the tyrannical rule and the reign of terror enforced by some “Royals” and the ignoble acts of certain men of “faith” and less than judicious ruling by the practitioners and upholders of law and when it comes to businessmen, they weren’t really known to be the ones to be setting benchmarks in moral practicing and ethical trading.

   However, painting all with the same stroke and branding all that’s pure and pious as White and Black as the barometer or indicator of all that’s bad and evil would be highly unfair.

   For a better part of the twentieth century, Black has ruled the pages of fashion by being most in Vogue! Although other colors may come and go with time as a passing fad, the domination of Black is evident from the fact that every new color in vogue has to be dependent on Black and compared to Black to exude a sense of elegance and high fashion. There’s a reason why Orange is the new Black!

   Black has been the muse for many poets and artistes and inspired creative minds for ages, as far back as one can remember. Some of  the most revolutionary, legendary and inspiring pieces of works have had something to do with black in terms of the its creator’s inspiration, genre or the sense of horror or pathos it evokes in the hearts and minds of its admirers and audience.

   Black has always been my preferred space where I feel the most inspired by the lurking darkness, the feeling of sadness or a sheer sense of emptiness and void. The seduction of darkness lures you into a world that exists in your head alone, like a temptress; turning into a muse that inspires you to give shape to your thoughts and articulate your feelings and unspoken desires that you had kept from the world. But you lay them bare into the arms of darkness as you step into the  lair of “Black” where you feel safe and mesmerized, staring in to the hypnotic nothingness that “Black” is!

   I’ve written some of my best pieces (may not be the best you’ve read) when I’ve drowned deep in darkness and felt the most black; speaking figuratively of course! It took a world of darkness and feeling black to bring the poet out in me and it was black indeed, that gave me the sense of realization and confidence to call myself a poet and a writer. Again, I do not claim to be the best you’ve read. However, I try to be the best I can.

   It had been a while since I had taken a dive in to the sea of darkness. But, I’m a habitual and loyal patron that keeps frequenting to the Dark World that feels like a resort now and from my recent trip, I returned with a souvenir that not merely encompasses but personifies every emotion I felt under its sullen sky… Hope you enjoy reading it. Speaking of reading, don’t forget to read my first published fiction novel “Transcending Parallels” available internationally on amazon.com in paperback, e-book and kindle versions. You can follow the link below to order the book or read the blurb to know more about the it.

“Look in to my eyes and tell me what you see,

  There’s an ocean full of black, with icy winds and frigid breeze,

  They say, Black is the absence of color and I’m as empty as I can be,

  But you’ll have to mix them all together to get a Black as Dark as me…”

                                                                                                           -by Abhishek Sen



4 thoughts on “A Black as dark as me!

  1. Interesting thoughts about this “colour”. Black is fascinating – I still love to dress up completely in black from time to time. And I love black eyes and hair ;-)! However, we often need to colour up our lives. Anyways, thanks for sharing your interesting toughts!


    1. Fascinating indeed!And Yes, we must add colours to our life but it all comes back to black…Black brings out the beauty of other colours and embracing black (read sadness) makes us appreciate the value of colours (read happiness) in our lives! Thanks Karl-Heinz for your comments and likes…keep visiting this space😊


  2. Wow! Very nice. 🙂 I think , I liked people who accepted their darkness . I don’t mean how they express it to the world. When they accept it inside , struggle ends and brings something beautiful in them. Dark is no more dark. The transformation might be slow or painful. But total acceptance is like returning to your source , getting back to your true self removing all the obstacles which had been stuffed in your head since your birth and experiencing who you are. 🙂


    1. Acceptance is the key to contentment! The more you fight your flaws and your troubles the more you struggle but the moment you accept them you find yourself at peace and in a state of contentment with the way things are and also the strength to revive your broken self and work on your flaws.


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