Meet The Sen8or!

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Welcome to sen8orial, a space where I share my thoughts, my philosophies, ideologies and all things me…a place for all things sen8! Besides, the world is done with isms and doctrines and so it’s time for the orial to take over and if “Orange is the new Black” then “Orial is most definitely the new Ism“.

I will try to make this space as interactive and entertaining as possible, without being obtrusive and dogmatic. This is not a corner for me to dump my beliefs down your throats but a place to share my thoughts and have a positive exchange of ideas and that is precisely why it is not sen8ism where I self promote and propagate my beliefs but merely share all things that are me, that are of sen8, that are…sen8orial! You are free to have your own take away if at all you find something you like or you can relate with.

My first post is a prelude of sorts of what’s to come; an introduction if you will, to me and my blog sen8orial and things you can expect from this space. Starting with me, I’m Abhishek Sen, Author of the fiction novel Transcending Parallels, available internationally on online portal and on sites like,,, in India.

Speaking of Transcending Parallels it’s my first published novel and a compelling compilation of four stories, with four women protagonist. These are four strong women who choose to face life instead of cowering under the odds stacked against them. “Conflicted” a story of a young IT  professional Arpita Rastogi, who finds herself at the crossroads of life, caught between her heart and a promise.

Up with Downs” a story of an eight year boy living with Down’s syndrome and his mother Aseema and instead of turning it into a tear jerker, it’s a story full of smiles, laughter and maybe a tear or two. It’s a story of a resilient mother who strives to bring a sense of normality in the life of her son, that the world sees as far from “normal” and she does it all with a beaming smile on her face.

Marriage of Love and Practicality” a compelling narration of Anubha Sharma, a mother of two and a credulous wife who is posed with the reality of her “perfect” marriage as she confronts the lapses and liaisons of her philandering husband, instead of looking away and fights for her dignity and everything that is rightfully her’s…including her marriage.

And finally “Broken Crown”  that talks about Anamika Sehegal, the reigning queen of hearts and the movies and a rebellious starlet, who challenges every diktat, every notion and every formula of a male driven industry in a patriarchal society, where a Man is always the  Hero in every story, but not here.

In my stories, it’s the women that take the center stage. A woman is the Hero of my story; well, four fearless, fierce women who carry these four stories on their brave shoulders while men take a back seat!

Does that make me a feminist? Interestingly, I was asked the same question by DJ Chu, from 98.9FM Dolphin Radio Station, New Orleans, Illinois, US when she interviewed me. It was an interesting and a thought-provoking session with Aiden, a Co-Host from Ireland. When I was asked this question, my response was “can’t I speak about women without being labeled a feminist?”

And if speaking about women or causes related to them makes me a feminist then I’m also an animal rights activist since I’m an “evolved” vegetarian, I’m a social activist since I believe in equality for all irrespective of their caste, creed, color of their skin or their sexual identity or orientation to say the least. Interestingly, I haven’t set a foot out or marched the streets, being a trailblazer or the baton carrier for any of these causes; not a day in my life so far! So what really qualifies me to be an “Activist” or any “ist” let alone a “feminist” for crying out loud. Besides, by now it should be evident that the only suffix I believe in and carry is “Orial“…I’m no “ist” I’m sen8orial!

And if I believe in equality, then wouldn’t it stand in contradiction if I picked sides. It’s the age of fluidity where everything is fluid and free-flowing including your thoughts and identity. And being a water sign myself, who can be more fluid then me. I won’t tell you which though, that’s for you to guess(sign).

I hate the idea of your identity being shoved into a little box or being reduced to a label. Labels are for shoes as I  have always held and their place is under our feet, not our foreheads. So stop limiting yourself to an “ist” or an “ism” and be “orial” like I am being sen8orial with my blog!

By now you might have got a little idea about me and my blog and what you can expect in the days to come and my future posts and just in case you haven’t, I’ll be talking about things close to my heart like fitness, yoga, vegetarianism, the ethics and health benefits behind it, my book…a whole lot about my book (hopefully and lol) and anything under the Sun that I may feel inspired to write about, including poetry!

So watch out for this space and I hope to find your Love and Affection as that’s all I got for you. This is a place for Hope, Love and Positivity and for all things…sen8orial!



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