Sen8orial Health Facts 2 – Know your Fat!


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 The “battle of the girth”

The battle of the girth or the inches is an eternal conflict, where we end up spending an awful amount of time, money and energy, trying to lose the fat that we have amassed over the years as a sing of “prosperity” to match are piling bank balance or as a souvenir from our travels around the world and  we brush it aside by calling it “vacation weight”.

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Spicing it up … Hot Yogi Style

Let me start be asking you to pardon me and excuse my arrogance for daring to call myself a “Yogi”. Now I do, do a few yoga poses here and there and I do them well (better than most), but  I’m no “Yogi” by any standards. I’m a work in progress! As far as “Hotness” goes…now, I ain’t apologizing for that. You gotta think of yourself as hot before you expect the world to start drooling over your “Hotness”. After all, nothing’s hotter than confidence. And speaking of hot, what can make you  sweat more than good old Indian spices!

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